Unleash the Power: Eventuri's Lotus Emira V6 Intake System

Unleash the Power: Eventuri's Lotus Emira V6 Intake System

Performance Gain: 12-20hp, 8-19ft-lb

Introducing our Lotus Emira V6 Supercharged intake. This intake is the result of extensive R&D and testing to improve on the flow path of the stock system. Our system is a complete redesign of the stock airbox with the aim of reducing the resistance on the supercharger and keeping inlet temperatures low. By utilizing out patented Venturi Housing the airflow path is now much more direct and laminar in comparison to the cuboid OEM airbox. Our custom made EPDM hose is also much smoother internally in comparison to the stock hose, which has large ridges along the curved section that inherently create turbulence. Our version allows movement where it is necessary but then has a smooth curved section all the way to the throttle body. Finally our duct seals the filter housing and takes in cold air from the OEM location for minimized IATs.

The Lotus Emira Eventuri system uses our Patented Carbon Fiber Housings with our Gen 2 bespoke filters, which provide an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the turbos. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design which invokes the Venturi effect and maintains laminar flow conditions to reduce the drag on the turbo.

Each intake system consists of:

  • Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housing
  • Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Air Duct
  • EPDM Flexible Hose
  • Stainless Steel Bracket Work
  • CNC Machined Hardware

This intake has been independently dyno tested by Dream Automotive in the UK. Tests were done back to back against the stock airbox and several runs were taken with each configuration. The car tested was without charcoal filters in the stock airboxes. The dyno results show a consistent gain throughout the entire RPM range which can be attributed to the supercharger working with less resistance due to the higher efficiency of the intake system. The performance gain translates on the road to increased part throttle and full throttle response with the car pulling much more eagerly to the redline.

April 30, 2024
Discover Why the Eventuri Carbon Intake System is a Must-Have for G01 X3 and G02 X4 M40i Owners

Discover Why the Eventuri Carbon Intake System is a Must-Have for G01 X3 and G02 X4 M40i Owners

Fitment for the G01 X3 M40i and G02 X4 M40i

The BMW X3 M40i Eventuri intake has been developed to provide the turbo with a less restrictive flow path whilst maintaining low inlet temperatures.

In the M40i, the intake system’s proximity to the exhaust manifold poses a challenge, rapidly heating the engine bay. Elevated temperatures compromise engine performance, necessitating a solution that ensures minimal intake air temperatures (IATs). Our solution comprises of a fully sealed intake system, designed to counteract heat soak and prevent the turbo from drawing in heated air.

Moreover, our sealed airbox features a heat shield lined with gold reflective, effectively minimizing radiative heat transfer from the exhaust manifold. To optimize airflow volume, we’ve maximized the airbox size, incorporating a recess to accommodate the strut brace seamlessly.

Replacing the stock convoluted intake tube, our design employs a prepreg carbon tube, boasting a much larger internal volume with an internal diameter of 109mm (4.3″) that seamlessly tapers down to match the turbo inlet, ensuring an uninterrupted airflow path. Complementing this design is a custom-made high-flow dry filter, rigorously tested for ISO-certified filtration performance and boasting a larger filtration area compared to the stock filter.

Each intake system consists of:

  • Carbon Fiber Airbox
  • Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Inlet Tube
  • CNC Machined Temperature Sensor Mount
  • CNC Machined Breather adapter
  • CNC Machined Turbo Flange (both Pre-LCI and LCI versions included)
  • Heat Shield with Gold Reflective Backing
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets
  • Silicon Coupler with OEM Specification Clamps

Crafted from Prepreg Carbon Fiber, the airbox effectively seals the filter against engine bay heat. Since the airbox is positioned next to the exhaust manifold it is crucial for the filter to be fully sealed so we designed the airbox to encapsulate the filter and at the same time provide a large internal volume. To seal the intake tube we have designed a laser cut plate with a rubber sealing strip which secures to the airbox. The intake tube passes through the plate and the rubber seal ensures heated air does not enter the airbox. To further minimize heat soak, there is an additional heat shield with a gold reflective layer on the exhaust manifold side which effectively combats the radiant heat transfer.

The stock inlet tube has a flexible and convoluted section to provide movement with the engine. This however also adds the possibility of turbulence in the flow path as there are multiple faces which can cause eddies. We replace this with our carbon tube which is smooth and also has a larger internal volume. Unlike most aftermarket intakes we maximized the size of our intake tube, the OEM inlet tube has an internal diameter of 80.8mm or 3.2” at the filter end. Our tube an internal diameter of 109mm or 4.3”. This equates to a massive 82% increase in cross sectional area over stock. The tube smoothly tapers down to the stock turbo inlet to ensure airflow remains as laminar as possible. The tube also has CNC machined fitting for the temperature sensor and the breather adapter.

April 29, 2024

Important Notice: Protect Yourself from Fraudulent Websites

Dear AutoTecknic Community,

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality aftermarket performance parts and a secure shopping experience. It has come to our attention that there are fraudulent websites claiming to represent AutoTecknic, offering our products through deceptive web addresses. We urge you to be vigilant.

AutoTecknic’s Official Online Presence

AutoTecknic’s products are sold exclusively through our authorized dealer and official website: autotecknic.com. These are the only platforms where you can purchase our genuine carbon fiber accessories and performance parts.

Beware of Imitation

The fraudulent sites may mimic our branding and may appear professional at first glance. However, they are not affiliated with AutoTecknic in any way. Purchasing products through these sites could expose you to risks such as credit card fraud, poor quality products, or non-delivery of purchases.

How to Ensure Authenticity

  • Verify the URL: Always check the address bar of your browser to ensure you are visiting "autotecknic.com" before making a purchase.
  • Look for secure transaction signs: Ensure the website uses HTTPS and displays a padlock icon in the address bar, signifying a secure connection.
  • Be skeptical of unrealistic promotions: Extraordinarily low prices can be a sign of counterfeit activities.

What to Do If You Encounter a Fraudulent Site

If you come across a website that you suspect is falsely using the AutoTecknic name, please help us in our fight against fraud. Contact us directly at support@autotecknic.com with any details you have, so we can take appropriate action.

Your Safety is Our Priority

Please know that AutoTecknic cannot be held responsible for any scams or fraudulent activities that occur on unauthorized websites. By shopping with our authorized distributor/ dealer or directly with us at autotecknic.com, you are guaranteed authentic products and a safe shopping experience.

Thank you for your continued trust and support. Let's work together to protect our community from scams.


The AutoTecknic Team

February 03, 2024
Adjustable Spring Kits at AutoTecknic for Your Optimum Car Performance

Adjustable Spring Kits at AutoTecknic for Your Optimum Car Performance

The coil spring suspension is one of the most popular and independent front suspensions. A quality-built coil spring helps store energy before releasing it to absorb shock and even maintain contact between the road and the wheels. The suspension system, therefore, becomes essential as it guarantees consistent performance and reliable vehicle control.

The lowering springs are height adjustable spring kits that are designed to work with your factory shock absorbers. Also, they are specifically suited to those cars that run magnetic ride suspension for those of you that have a comfort sport button. The key idea to using these spring kits over just the springs is that you can adjust the car's attitude front and rear, left and right if required. You can even lift it a fraction if you keep smacking your front bar into everything.


What AutoTecknic Offers?

At AutoTecknic, you can get MSS Height Adjustable Spring Kit. MSS Urban is specifically designed to help meet the SUV driver's needs looking for a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options.

Specially manufactured to enhance the SUV's versatility, MSS' is a unique dual-stacked, triple-rated spring. The idea is to overcome the demands of day-to-day driving. Moreover, with this spring kit, you even get more driving stability and reduce the discomfort that you might feel on rough and uneven roads.

These adjustable spring kits are finely tuned and fully optimized to work perfectly with your specific SUV model. This way, stay assured to get a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially for longer journeys, the steering demands of city driving, or maximizing open road opportunities. 


Committed to quality, performance, and optimum fitting, these can easily fit:

  • F97 X3M / X3M Competition
  • F98 X4M / X4M Competition



Get MSS Suspension today to upgrade your SUV's ride quality and experience in a whole new way. Not only adjustable spring, but at AutoTecknic, you can also get a comprehensive carbon fiber products inventory for your car interiors and exteriors for various models and in different colors as per what complements your car and matches your personality.

All You Need to Know About the Types of H&R Suspension Lowering Springs

All You Need to Know About the Types of H&R Suspension Lowering Springs

H&R suspension springs are among the most commonly used ones that improve your car’s performance. They upgrade your vehicle’s overall suspension and help reduce the body roll of your car. With H&R lowering springs, you can experience an excellently comfortable ride every time and watch your car getting better.

Suspension springs by H&R are made from high-quality materials to ensure that your car never lags behind the others. They don’t sag and are intended to last longer than any other automotive springs. However, you must know which suspension lowering spring is best for your car.

So, here are some facts about the different types of lowering springs. Read them to know which the best choice for your ride is.

OE Sport Springs


With an ability to lower between 0.25” - 0.75” on average, the OE sport springs offer great balance and control on your car’s movement. They slightly increase the efficiency of your car and helps reduce body roll for a comfortable experience every time. With this being said, an OE sport spring makes an elusive, beginner-level addition to your car.

Sport Springs

H&R Sport Springs have an average lowering capacity between 1.5” - 1.8” with which they promote an excellent presentation of your car. Among the most popular spring kits, they add more appeal to your car’s appearance while also reducing body roll and fender well gap. Also, they are perfect for use to improve the single-part suspension of your car.

Super Sport Springs


Super sport suspension springs make a high-end addition to your car enhancing its efficiency and lowering capacity up to an average of 1.75” - 2.3”. These suspension springs are known to be the most resourceful ones, improving the center of gravity of your ride and gas mileage. They overall help you maintain a comfortable ride experience.


No matter which car you have, installing an H&R Super Sport Spring has to be the wisest decision. It will surely help improve your car’s drivability and we, at AutoTecknic, are here to help you make a perfect choice.

AutoTecknic Update on COVID-19

Dear AutoTecknic Family:

We are excited to let you know that we are no longer limiting our product assortment and are now shipping all items on our website as well as on our online retail partner sites. However, due to COVID-19 we are still experiencing some stock availability issues. If there is a particular product you are looking for, please enter your email address on the product page and you will be notified when the item is available to ship.

As before, we are continuing our efforts to minimize risk and maximize social distancing. Our warehouse team is still following the strictest safety protocols as they continue to serve customers and our office team is still working remotely.

Due to COVID-19, we are experiencing an extremely high volume of calls, emails, and messages. Please know that our customer service team is doing their best to reply to you as soon as possible. If you need assistance, please contact us through our online contact form or email us at shop@autotecknic.com. We will get back to you as soon as we can.

We truly appreciate your business during this difficult time and appreciate your patience.

Stay safe,
Team AutoTecknic
Vacuumed Carbon Fiber Accessories To Enhance Performance Of The Wonder Cars

Vacuumed Carbon Fiber Accessories To Enhance Performance Of The Wonder Cars

With the lightweight and high strength, the carbon fiber is getting a boom in multiple industries including commercial aircrafts wind turbines, sports accessories and more. The automobile industry is one of those industries which is using carbon fiber in the latest vehicles. Carbon fiber is a good alternative to heavyweight metals and increases the efficiency of the vehicle. Either it is making turbine blades of an aircraft or some car accessories; carbon fiber gives a robust and flexible performance.  

Car accessories made from carbon fiber not only gives strength and safety to the vehicle moreover it gives a unique look to the car.  Many sports car brands have been using the carbon fiber from the long run; the sleek look, stable design and the property to reduce the drag makes it stand out of other heavyweight materials like fiberglass. Some of the sports car accessories made out of vacuumed carbon fiber are rear diffuser, bumper trim, trunk spoiler, and brake air ducts. Rear diffuser in a sports car reduces the drag and thus increase the grip and efficiency of the car; the high-quality dry carbon rear diffuser can be ordered from AutoTecknic's website. AutoTecknic provides all kinds of car accessories to enhance the look and performance of the vehicle.


4 Ways to Enhance Your Car's Interior With AutoTecknic

4 Ways to Enhance Your Car's Interior With AutoTecknic

Part of the fun of being a car owner is being able to personalize your vehicle. With aftermarket body modifications, engine upgrades, and other improvements, a car owner can make their vehicle unlike any other of the same make and model. There are many ways car owners can customize their ride, and AutoTecknic has everything you need to give your car the look you always wanted. While there is much that can be done to improve a car’s exterior, we’re looking at the inside today. Here are four ways to enhance your car’s interior with products from AutoTecknic.

Competition Shift Levers

Whether you want them for racing or to make your car look cooler, AutoTecknic has competition shift levers that will improve shifting speed. We have the highest-quality aftermarket shift levers and paddle shifters made from durable carbon fiber material. Our easy-to-install, natural grip, custom steering shift levers are specifically designed to fit BMW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and many other top European sports cars. Though they're made for European vehicles, the competition shift levers from AutoTecknic are made in the US. Which means they're high quality and priced affordably. 

Gear Selector Covers

If you’re going to replace your shift levers, you should consider upgrading your gear selector cover as well. AutoTecknic also has gear shift knob covers that are made from durable carbon fiber materials and designed to fit for European sports cars. Many of our aftermarket gear selector covers can be installed in minutes and are designed to replace your current gear shifter on your vehicle. We even have covers that are specially designed for gear shifts for BMWs with automatic transmission. These covers can wear out over time and lose their luster. Replacing them with an exact replacement can keep your car looking new.

Interior Trim Parts

The interior of your car is home to many switches, buttons, and other elements of the interior trim. If these pieces get broken or look old, AutoTecknic has custom interior trim parts that are made from extremely durable carbon fiber material. All of our custom car interior parts are made using the exact specifications as the original equipment manufacturer to ensure a perfect fit each time. AutoTecknic has replacement interior trim parts that can enhance the look of European sports cars including BMW, Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche, and other top models.

Steering Wheel Trim

The steering wheel deals with more wear and tear than any other part in your car's interior. Your hands are rubbing on the steering wheel trim which can damage it, or cause it to lose fray. Whether you want to enhance the look of your car or you want a better steering wheel for racing, AutoTecknic has racing trim for steering wheels made from durable carbon fiber material. Like all of our aftermarket products, these steering wheels are designed to fit the steering wheels of European car models perfectly. Switching to a carbon fiber steering wheel cover is probably for the best. Many interior parts for European sports cars are made using cheaper plastics that eventually chip, crack, warp, and break off.

For all of your aftermarket car part needs, AutoTecknic has something that will suit the purpose. Browse our online store, and send us a message online if you need something special.

Why Carbon Fiber?

Why Carbon Fiber?

At Autotecknic, a major part of our business is manufacturing carbon fiber products for aftermarket additions to a high-end, luxury or high-performance car. We have a lot more available, too, from towing gear to headlight covers to spoilers and replacement trim options. We have accessories for lighting and wheels and brakes and more. But our collection of carbon fiber mirrors, B-pillars and other items are made to promote performance and enhanced design.

Here are some of the advantages of having carbon fiber products on your set of wheels.

Corrosion Resistance

One reason our customers like exterior carbon fiber parts is that they stand up well to the elements.

You're likely going to be driving your car through sleet and snow and slush at least part of the year. With that in mind, you want parts that will take the pressure. In the old days, it didn't take much for painted metal to rust and corrode. You can see that in older vehicles that are still on the road. By utilizing the power of carbon fiber parts, you’re protecting the exterior of your car from wear over time.

Aerodynamic and Lightweight Parts

Carbon fiber parts are lighter than traditional painted metal. They're also lighter than a variety of other materials such as fiberglass. That means they can contribute to a more aerodynamic vehicle footprint on the road!

Carbon fiber also has a great strength to weight ratio – it's stronger than steel and twice as rigid. Fitting your car with carbon fiber parts can help you to achieve your speed and performance goals.

For more, check out our website. Browse the site and take a look at all of the exterior and interior items we have available to kit out your car. We have shift paddles, fender trim, mirror housing kits and much more. Our carbon rear diffuser is another popular item that is made with a “pre-preg” method to form a lighter build with no air pockets inside the carbon.

You can read more about this on the site. We make it easy to research all of our products so that you can visualize how they will work when applied to your vehicle. That’s key in this type of e-commerce – there’s nothing more frustrating than a car parts site that’s not transparent about how the parts work!

We're ready to help you build the car of your dreams by adding a range of custom features to your Audi, BMW, Ferrari, Honda, Lamborghini, Porsche or other high-end automobile. What are your goals in terms of customizing your car? What do you want out of the vehicle? Ask us any questions about how our products can help. Our knowledgeable staff wants to help you to get the result you’re looking for. Call us!

How Carbon Fiber is Finding a Home in the Aftermarket Auto Parts Business

How Carbon Fiber is Finding a Home in the Aftermarket Auto Parts Business


Automobiles are woven into the very fabric of our lives, essential modes of transportation that provide our ability to do just about anything we need and want to do.  The auto industry produces an array of vehicles designed to give consumers choices that fit their lifestyles, variations of trucks, cars, and SUV’s that come with a wide range of options.  The aftermarket auto industry provides consumers with vehicle modification products well beyond what the factories install.

The aftermarket auto part industry produces accessories, replacement components, parts, and performance enhancing additions that are manufactured by companies other than the auto manufacturers.  These easily attainable parts offer consumers various options that increase their automobile’s performance and personalize its style.  With the advancement in materials used in their construction, high-quality aftermarket parts can perform as well or better than the original parts.

Once exclusively found in European super sports cars, carbon fiber is one such cutting edge material that is finding its way into the aftermarket industry. Typically used in aerospace, military, and race vehicle manufacturing, carbon fiber’s physical and mechanical properties are making it increasingly popular in the auto aftermarket industry.  Carbon fiber possesses thermal and chemical stability, heat resistance, and high mechanical strength, which make it perfect for applications in automobiles.  The demand for carbon fiber in the auto arena is driven by its lightweight properties, performance features, and fuel economy enhancement.

Innovative manufacturing companies, such as AutoTecknic, produce some of the highest quality aftermarket carbon fiber accessories on the market today.  These easy to install products are professionally designed to enhanced performance with sleek, high-end style. The versatility of carbon fiber allows it to be used in both interior and exterior accessories for the vehicle such as emergency break handles and aero splitters, as well as mirrors and replacement grills.

Carbon fiber can also be found in hood vents and cooling plates that are engineered to enhance the vehicles performance by increasing air flow around the engine.  Its composite plastics material makes it a lightweight choice for heave metal parts such as bumpers and hoods, which make it a stellar cost-efficient method for reducing fuel consumption.  This benefit, among the others of versatility and recyclability, of carbon fiber products ensures that it will continue to be utilized in the advancements of parts and accessories in the aftermarket auto industry.

Carbon Fiber Cases & Accessories
We also manufacture custom carbon fiber accessories to match your auto upgrades including mobile phone cases, tablet cases, and sleek wallets and business card holders. We produce quality aftermarket car upgrades for the AutoTecknic brand and offer white-label services for companies in need of the best carbon fiber accessories on the market.