MSS Urban is our latest addition and has been developed to specifically meet the SUV driver's needs looking for a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options.

Enhancing the SUV's versatility, MSS's unique dual-stacked, triple-rated springs overcome the demands of day-to-day driving, including more driving stability and a reduction in the discomfort often felt on rough roads.

Our passion for SUV owners to enjoy superior suspension benefits has resulted in each URBAN product being finely tuned and fully optimized to work perfectly with your specific SUV model. This will deliver a smoother and more comfortable ride €“ perfect for longer journeys, the steering demands of city driving, or maximizing open road opportunities. Upgrade your ride quality and experience your SUV in a whole new way.

We have taken the liberty to package the optional  Future Classic's spacers into recommended and aggressive fitment categories to eliminate any guesswork for your OEM wheels. We are proud to bring you only the very best modifications for you and your F97 X3M and F98 X4M; each of these modifications is celebrated for its impeccable commitment to quality, fitment, and performance.

System Parts

  • MSS Ride Adjusters / Couplers
  • MSS Ride Controllers
  • MSS Ride Enhancers
  • MSS Adjuster tool


  • F97 X3M / X3M Competition
  • F98 X4M / X4M Competition