Adjustable Spring Kits at AutoTecknic for Your Optimum Car Performance

The coil spring suspension is one of the most popular and independent front suspensions. A quality-built coil spring helps store energy before releasing it to absorb shock and even maintain contact between the road and the wheels. The suspension system, therefore, becomes essential as it guarantees consistent performance and reliable vehicle control.

The lowering springs are height adjustable spring kits that are designed to work with your factory shock absorbers. Also, they are specifically suited to those cars that run magnetic ride suspension for those of you that have a comfort sport button. The key idea to using these spring kits over just the springs is that you can adjust the car's attitude front and rear, left and right if required. You can even lift it a fraction if you keep smacking your front bar into everything.


What AutoTecknic Offers?

At AutoTecknic, you can get MSS Height Adjustable Spring Kit. MSS Urban is specifically designed to help meet the SUV driver's needs looking for a significant ride-quality upgrade over OEM and traditional aftermarket suspension options.

Specially manufactured to enhance the SUV's versatility, MSS' is a unique dual-stacked, triple-rated spring. The idea is to overcome the demands of day-to-day driving. Moreover, with this spring kit, you even get more driving stability and reduce the discomfort that you might feel on rough and uneven roads.

These adjustable spring kits are finely tuned and fully optimized to work perfectly with your specific SUV model. This way, stay assured to get a smoother and more comfortable ride, especially for longer journeys, the steering demands of city driving, or maximizing open road opportunities. 


Committed to quality, performance, and optimum fitting, these can easily fit:

  • F97 X3M / X3M Competition
  • F98 X4M / X4M Competition



Get MSS Suspension today to upgrade your SUV's ride quality and experience in a whole new way. Not only adjustable spring, but at AutoTecknic, you can also get a comprehensive carbon fiber products inventory for your car interiors and exteriors for various models and in different colors as per what complements your car and matches your personality.

March 20, 2021 — BRIAN LEE