TITAN 7 T-D6 results from 3 years of extensive testing and design work. Although the 6-spoke design is very simple, the T-D6 is packed with technical features that take our “Forged for All” ideology to the next level. A full-face design was chosen to give the wheel an excellent base for strength and rigidity. Next, we took the popular "I–Beam” spoke construction beyond the competition by connecting the machining work from the hub, spoke, and rim. This is a first for any wheel manufacturer. In keeping with our commitment to lightness and strength, a back rigid spoke tracer was employed for additional strength and stiffness. You can see a sliver of material that goes a long way for performance. Extensive machining was also employed on the backside of the spoke to remove material for final weight optimization. This was made possible by applying 10,000 Tons of industry-leading forging force.

Standard Titan 7 features like our original beefed-up inner rim flange for durability, bead seat knurling for traction, and contrast machined branding for authenticity, letting your competition know you are serious about your vehicle build.

We produce each wheel vehicle specific. We ensure the fitment is the best possible while clearing all popular big brake calipers. (Please check your brake supplier to confirm fitment). Some applications may require hub-centric rings or conical lug nuts/ lug bolts for proper installation. Some "track-specific" fitments may require specific suspension & tire size combinations, so please consult with Titan 7 Wheels or contact us to confirm the proper installation.

Product Details:

  • Lifetime structural warranty
  • All wheels are durability tested according to all United States relevant governmental standards for safe road use.
  • Valve stems included
  • Center caps are not included

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