Compared to wheel bolts, wheel studs are a much safer option. One complaint about installing the wheel directly on the hub is that it is difficult to align the wheel to the bolt hole. It gets even harder as the wheel gets heavier as it gets bigger. For ease of exchanging wheels, stud conversions are a good way to make the process easier. Also, you can attach up to 15mm spacers with these studs.

Titanium is the perfect complement to both stock and aftermarket wheels. These titanium forged stud conversion kit will provide a lightweight yet durable alternative to your stock bolts.

Product Description:

  • Nut Thread: M14 x P1.5
  • Stud Bolt Thread: M14×P1.5-P1.5
  • Total Length: Nut: 25mm / Stud Bolt: 75mm
  • Seat: Conical
  • Head: 19mm HEXAGON
  • Weight Per: Nut 16g(0.56oz) / Stud Bolt 34g(1.19oz)
  • Finish: Natural


Mechanical Property:

  • Material : Aerospace grade titanium ASTM B348 Ti-6Al-4V Gr.5 Density : 4.47g/cm3
  • Yield Strength : 890MPa (129KSI)
  • Tensile Strength : 970MPa (141KSI)
  • Shear Strength : 560 MPa (81KSI)



  • Set of 20 (20×Nuts + 20×Studs bolt)
  • Use for Track
  • Dedicated tools, grease and thread locker are included.