Inspired by the ultimate track-focused BMW - the E30 M3- we present another short throw shifter precision machined from Stainless Steel billet.

The V2 weighs in at just over 450g, which significantly removes the notchiness of the BMW gearchange and allows for a more precise and solid feel. The difference between the standard gear knob and the V2 is significant-you won't believe it until you've tried it!.

This one is for the purists who want to maintain an OEM look but still reap the benefits of a smoother gear change from the weight of the steel. The shape is identical to the OEM E30 M3 shifter but almost an inch shorter to enable a reduced throw. It features an OEM-style emblem with a choice between 5 or 6-Speed patterns.

This shift knob is an ideal add-on to a factory or aftermarket short-shift kit. Such kits increase the resistance during gearchange - amplifying the inherent notchiness, but our shift knob allows you to have the benefits of your short shift kit without this extra resistance.

Product Details:

  • Available in brushed stainless or PVD (Titanium Plated) for a bespoke dark gun metal grey
  • Optimized weight for smooth gear changes: 15.1oz
  • Shorter than stock height for reduced throw
  • OEM Style