Designed and machined specifically for your BMW, this shift knob results from extensive development, from its size and shape to its weight. CNC precision machined from Stainless Steel billet and fully optimized for an improved gear change. This is NOT the usual aftermarket gear knob - this is a fully engineered solution to improve your overall driving experience.

Weighing in at just over 500g, the stainless steel shift knob does feel substantial. The "notchy" nature of the BMW gearboxes is significantly smoothed out with this weight by providing a greater pivot force, giving you an effortless and precise gear change every time. Prototyping revealed that with the shift knob too light, the notchiness would still be too heavy, and the gear change would become difficult and sloppy. With the weight-optimized, we have met both criteria - smooth and swift.

The standard shift knob sits at an awkward height - for both ergonomic and aesthetic purposes. Storm Motorwerk aimed to optimize the height for reduced throw and a more natural feel. Prototyping revealed that if it sat too low - users would grip the shifter with their fingertips rather than the palm. This was more apparent with cars having center armrests. Iteration resulted in an optimum height, correcting both aesthetic and ergonomic problems of the standard position. Furthermore, by merging a 2" sphere with a cone, every gear-change technique is accommodated with an intuitive grip.

This shift knob is an ideal add-on to a factory or aftermarket short-shift kit. Such kits increase the resistance during gearchange - amplifying the inherent notchiness, but our shift knob allows you to have the benefits of your short shift kit without this extra resistance.

Product Details:

  • Available in brushed stainless or PVD (Titanium Plated) for a bespoke dark gun metal grey
  • Optimized weight for smooth gear changes: 1lb, 2.8oz
  • Shorter than stock height for reduced throw
  • Optimized shape for comfort and grip