Introducing the AutoTecknic Universal Carbon Fiber Splitter – the ultimate upgrade to elevate your vehicle's front-end aesthetics. Meticulously crafted with 3K plain weave carbon fiber and finished with a UV clear coat, these splitters boast a captivating mirror shine finish.

Designed to fit flawlessly onto any bumper with proper installation, these splitters add a touch of sportiness without overpowering your beloved vehicle's character. Prior to installation, drilling mounting holes on the splitters is necessary, and please note that the installation hardware is vehicle-specific and not included.

Not only do these universal splitters enhance your car's overall appearance, but they also provide vital protection from speed bumps and dips, ensuring your bumper remains intact and pristine. With a perfect blend of style and function, it's no wonder that many customers recommend these splitters to their friends.

Take your vehicle to new heights of elegance and performance with the AutoTecknic Universal Carbon Fiber Splitters.

Package includes:

  • One set of AutoTecknic Universal Carbon Fiber Splitters.
  • Splitter Dimension: 21" (Length) x 10" (Depth) x 5" (Width)