Introducing the latest and most popular Version II Dry Carbon M-Inspired Mirror Covers for a wide range of F-Chassis BMW vehicles. Elevate the style and performance of your vehicle with these mirror covers meticulously designed to meet the BMW owner's high standards.

Crafted with 100% carbon fiber, these mirror covers offer remarkable strength while remaining lightweight. Compared to our ABS plastic overlay version, the Version II M-Inspired Dry Carbon Mirror Covers weigh a mere 121 grams each, making them nearly half the weight of their counterparts at 239 grams. Experience a significant weight reduction without compromising on durability or performance.

The manufacturing process of dry carbon fiber involves using a "pre-preg" or impregnated piece of carbon material. Through meticulous molding and autoclave vacuuming, these mirror covers are created with precision and care. The result is a superior quality carbon fiber product, free from pinholes and air pockets, and offering the highest level of craftsmanship.

At AutoTecknic, we prioritize fitment and quality. Our mirror caps are designed to match the OEM counterpart, ensuring a seamless and precise fit. Each product undergoes rigorous testing and quality control measures, guaranteeing optimal performance and customer satisfaction.

With the package, you will receive a pair of passenger and driver side Version II Dry Carbon M-Inspired Mirror Covers, serving as direct OEM replacements. Enhance your BMW's aesthetic appeal and make a bold statement with these top-of-the-line mirror covers.

Upgrade your BMW with AutoTecknic's premium-quality Dry Carbon Mirror Covers, and experience the perfect fusion of style, performance, and reliability.