The RS-G is a full bucket seat developed and designed for the world of motorsports and the Asian body size. The form of the full bucket seat leads to an ideal and natural driving position in which the driver can slightly straighten up and have a wide view but still can keep a low hip point. Furthermore, the RS-G makes active steering possible in a rally, gymkhana or drifting, whereas it is even suitable for everyday use.

1. Compact seat form. The shoulder part is 50mm narrower compared to the SP-A, a model for exclusive racing use. Furthermore, the seat cushion width is reduced by 10mm.
2. Improved seat cushion for getting in and out easier by designing the side support part of the seat cushion in a slow curve.
3. Abundant seat cover versions and different materials matching with the interior. The RS-G is available with Kamui in combination with superior mesh material and pure Kamui, which is most suitable for motorsport driving concerning breathability. Moreover, there is a high-quality leather & Alcantara version.