Aero enhancements make a significant visual impact when it comes to modifying your car. Among these enhancements, a carbon fiber front lip stands out as a popular choice, instantly elevating the appearance of the vehicle and setting it apart from the ordinary.

However, the striking aesthetic upgrade comes with a concern – the vulnerability of the expensive carbon fiber to potential damage on uneven roads or steep driveways. Rather than focusing on these worries, PROTEC Japan offers a solution that ensures the protection of your valuable lip (or bumper), allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of your upgrade.

The PROTEC kit consists of six 42-centimeter strips that securely attach to the underside of your lip using pre-installed 3M double-sided tape. Four of these strips feature a "smooth" end, expertly designed to align seamlessly with the leading edge of your front lip. The remaining two pieces are equipped with flexible sections that effortlessly wrap around the curved contours of your lip. In comparison to other kits available in the market, PROTEC's design minimizes the need for extensive trimming, requiring only the removal of excess material at the ends of the lip.

With the PROTEC kit, you can confidently protect your front lip while maintaining its sleek appearance. Enjoy peace of mind as you navigate the roads, knowing that your carbon fiber upgrade remains safeguarded against scrapes and more significant damage. Invest in PROTEC, and experience the perfect combination of style and protection for your cherished vehicle.

  • Each protector strip measures 42 centimeters in length.
  • Each package contains a set of six protector strips.
  • Each protector strip is equipped with pre-installed 3M VHB double-sided tape.