We offer the Macht Schnell Competition Spacer Kits to give your BMW I-Chassis a much more aggressive stance while increasing handling.

Machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum, these adapters are strong as well as lightweight to limit unsprung/reciprocating weight for maximum performance on or off the track. Spacer edges are also chamfered to allow for easy installation/removal if needed. After machining, the spacers are anodized for additional strength, anti-corrosion & wear resistance.

A wider track stance increases lateral stability as well as gives your BMW a much more aggressive appearance after installation. Spacers also are used to correct wheel gaps normally seen on otherwise stock suspension setups, pushing the wheels outward - filling the fenders.

The Competition Wheel Spacer Kits include a full set of extended lug bolts. All-wheel fasteners are hardened and tempered to strength class 10.9 or 10 according to DIN/ISO standard 898 and meet the statutory requirements of all countries - including the US.

Competition Wheel Spacer kit Features:
- Machined from 6061-T6 aerospace aluminum
- Chamfered edges allow installation & removal quick and easy
- Black anodized finish for additional strength and corrosion/wear resistance
- Improve handling by reducing body roll with a wider wheelbase
- Included zinc-plated corrosion-resistant wheel fasteners

Competition Wheel Spacer kit Contents:
- (2) Competition Wheel Spacers
- (10) Extended-length zinc-plated coated wheel fasteners

G-Chassis Spacer Specifications:
Center Bore: 66.6 mm
Bolt Thread Size: M14 x 1.25
Bolt pattern: 5x112

Models Supported:

  • BMW G20/G22 3 / 4-Series
    BMW G87 M2
    BMW G8X M3 / M4
    BMW G30/G31 5-Series
    BMW F90 M5
    BMW G11/G12 7-Series
    BMW G14/G15 8-Series
    BMW F9X M8
    BMW G01 X3
    BMW G02 X4
    BMW F97 X4M
    BMW F98 X4M
    BMW G05 X5
    BMW G06 X6
    BMW F95 X5M
    BMW F96 X6M
    BMW G07 X7
    BMW G29 Z4

** This item is non-returnable **