We are now offering painted emblems for the Tesla Model 3. The fit is identical to the factory because the emblems are factory-original pieces, built by Telsa, and by painting these OEM parts at IND's own in-house paint facility, we've ensured a nearly perfect paint quality every time. Every member of our paint staff has a minimum of 10 years of experience at our in-house 10,000 square foot facility.

Product Details:

  • All hood emblems are painted utilizing the OEM Tesla piece to ensure proper scale, coloring, and fitment
  • The adhesive is pre-installed by Tesla
  • Available in Gloss Black, Matte Black, or Black Chrome (Custom coloring available upon request)

Ceramic Pro 9H Permanent Bond Nanoceramic Protective Coating - 2 layers are pre-applied before shipping.

Ceramic Pro 9H forms a permanent bond with the surface and will not wash off or break down. It is a highly durable protective coating that protects your vehicle's paintwork or any other surface from damaging contaminants. The unique formula of Ceramic Pro 9H allows it to be applied in multiple layers which means the thickness of the coating can be increased with additional layers, allowing a thicker/harder coating with improved scratch resistance.