Elevate the heart of your BMW with our meticulously painted engine covers, designed to mirror the exact fit and finish of the original factory parts. Crafted with precision by BMW, these OEM engine covers undergo a transformation at IND's exclusive in-house paint facility, ensuring an impeccable paint match that rivals factory standards. Our painting process is handled by a team of experts, each boasting over 10 years of experience within our expansive 10,000 square foot facility, guaranteeing unparalleled quality and a finish that seamlessly blends with your BMW's aesthetic.

We pride ourselves on offering an extensive palette of almost all factory BMW colors, including the prestigious BMW Individual range. This bespoke service allows you to personalize your engine bay with a color that reflects your unique style or matches the exterior of your BMW, providing a subtle yet impactful statement of exclusivity and attention to detail.

For those seeking an even more customized look, we invite you to explore our custom color options and/or tri-colored stripes, offering an additional layer of personalization to make your BMW truly one-of-a-kind. Our dedication to perfection and customer satisfaction ensures that every painted engine cover not only meets but exceeds the expectations of discerning BMW enthusiasts.

Embrace the opportunity to distinguish your BMW with a splash of color under the hood. Get in touch with us to explore the vast possibilities and to craft an engine bay that's as visually striking as the performance it represents. Elevate your BMW experience with IND's painted engine covers – where passion for precision meets the art of customization.

Please get in touch with us for custom color options and/ or tri-colored stripes.

DIY installation instructions and photographs are available here.