The F56 platform has provided Eventuri with a potent foundation to build upon—the 2.0L B48 motor. As a carryover from the BMW product line, Eventuri is able to use its vast design and engineering experiment to its full potential. Their F56 system is yet another example of what they call a "Complete System" philosophy. As a fully sealed system, the B48's turbo (with help from a carbon bonnet scoop) is supplied with a consistent flow of ambient air through larger internal volumetric channels rather than drawing its supply from a hot engine bay.

The combination of a sealed system with an air scoop results in lower intake temperatures than the stock airbox and avoids heat soak which is a common issue, especially on higher powered MINIs. To ensure the smoothest flow possible to the turbo, Eventuri's Patented filter housing is coupled with a CNC machined MAF tube.

This new plastic version invites a wider demographic to experience the very best of Eventuri's renowned engineering without any sacrifice to performance.

Performance Increase Cooper S: 8-15hp, 15-25ft-lb
Performance Increase Cooper JCW: 15-27hp, 20-26ft-lb*
V-Box Acceleration Cooper S: 60-130mph Reduced By 0.6 Seconds

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