Fitment for RS3 8V Gen 2, 8Y RS3 (Non-USA), F3 RSQ3, and TTRS 8S Left and Right-hand drive. Finished in raw carbon – no clear coat.


Presenting a World First – an all-carbon RS3/TTRS turbo inlet elbow. We have invested months of intense R&D in developing an inlet which leaves no room for compromise. VOLUME – FLOW QUALITY – TEMPERATURE are the 3 main design criteria that we sought to meet.

1) VOLUME: Inlet Diameters – Eventuri 103mm: Stock 72mm. Outlet Diameters – Eventuri 74mm: Stock 56.4mm. Clearly, with significantly larger internal diameter sizes, the Eventuri elbow encapsulates a much larger internal volume, which de-restricts the flow path to the turbo.

2) FLOW QUALITY: Having just a large internal volume is no good unless the flow path also allows for smooth airflow to the turbo. By using high-temperature Prepreg Carbon Fiber, we have managed to achieve a smooth internal surface. In contrast, the stock and other aftermarket elbows are all made from cast aluminum, which ends up with a rough internal surface. This, coupled with the smooth curvature of the elbow, results in a flow path that minimizes turbulence.

3) TEMPERATURE: The final criteria was to minimize the conduction of heat into the airflow. The stock inlet is directly connected to the turbo and so immediately conducts heat as the turbo spools. Our system uses a machined flange which connects to the turbo and then a silicon coupler with an integrated thermal spacer to keep the carbon elbow from having direct contact with the turbo. This barrier coupled with the low through-thickness thermal conductivity of carbon fiber results in less heat being transferred to the airflow.

The Eventuri RS3 8V / TTRS 8S Turbo Inlet is manufactured from high-temperature prepreg carbon fiber and comes with a number of other components engineered to perform a specific purpose and fabricated to the highest of standards.

Performance Gain (RS3 with Hybrid Turbo): 14-20hp, 30-35ft-lb
Flow Rate increase at 24″ H2O: 42% increase over stock (Using Stock Flange)

Each inlet system consists of:

  • High-Temperature Carbon Inlet Elbow - RHD and LHD Specific
  • CNC Machined Turbo Flanges - optional choices
  • Silicon Couplers With Oil Resistant Lining
  • Marine Grade Stainless Steel Hose Clamps

We provide a choice of turbo flanges, which are all CNC machined from aircraft-grade aluminum and anodized. We will also be adding more flanges for new hybrid turbos coming to the market.


Currently Available Flanges:

  • Stock Turbo
  • TTE 700 / 625
  • SRM GTX3582

** This item is not eligible for return **