The long-awaited dry carbon fiber fender trim covers for the F06 / F12 / F13 M6 are finally available! These 3K twill weave dry carbon fiber fender trim covers have an ultra-thin thickness of 1 millimeter, made with AutoTecknic's signature autoclave technology. In addition, each set comes with a genuine 3M adhesive for a straightforward installation! So you can keep your original BMW fender trims and enjoy the aesthetics of carbon fiber simultaneously!

Dry carbon fiber's name comes from its manufacturing process. Dry carbon fiber is formed using a "pre-preg" or impregnated piece of carbon materials. This piece of carbon is first placed into a mold and then into a sealed vacuum (autoclave) to properly cure. This method creates the least waste and forms a lighter version of carbon than the "wet" method. In addition, the autoclave vacuuming process of making dry carbon means fewer pinholes and virtually no air pockets in the carbon. As a result, dry carbon is the highest-quality version of carbon fiber products produced.

NOTE: This item only fits the M6 model. It does not fit the 640I/ 650I models.