The AutoTecknic dry carbon downforce aiding wheel-well splitter is made for race-engineered and high-performance vehicles in mind. Our dry carbon downforce wheel-well splitters are used to fine tune the front aerodynamics of a race car or street car that may already be modified with a rear wing or other rear aerodynamic devices such as a rear diffuser.

This wheel-well splitter provides two benefits to the high-performance vehicles, the first is redirecting the airflow past the front of the wheel-well right to the wheels, eliminating turbulence. Secondly, it adds more frontal surface area for airflow to effectively apply downforce on. Our dry carbon downforce wheel-well splitters feature a tapered surface area with slots, enabling fine-tuning of frontal downforce as well.

Each dry carbon downforce wheel-well splitter requires 4 Phillips self-tapping #2 screws with 3/4" in length. These are flat tapered strips that will flex to fit your vehicle's wheel-well area.

Length: 61.7CM
Width: 5.2CM-7CM
Thickness: 1.5MM