The CR Racing carbon fiber intake for the G80 M3 and G82/ G83 M4 is tantamount to an exercise in efficiency. Given a confined space with limited options and an even smaller budget - create an intake that provides power, sound, and throttle response in an aesthetically pleasing package. While not the easiest of things to accomplish, we embarked upon the task with our team of engineers determined to provide a solution.

With more air being pulled into the system, throttle response is improved and additional power is realized in the form of max gains of +5 HP / +5 ft-lbs of torque. The secondary air inlet also allows the intake system to be more audible so the turbo spool and BOV can be appreciated.

Not to be outdone by the increased power and sound, the system is made of immaculate carbon fiber so it looks the role as well. The end result of an optimized lid, an improved filter, and thorough testing, yields an incredibly efficient and cost-effective solution that you will be hard-pressed to beat.