This is a set of aluminum performance paddle shifters for the BMW E9X M3 equipped with the M-DCT Transmission. They will fit all 2008-Up E90, E92, and E93 M3 models. These beautiful paddles are made 6061-grade aircraft aluminum utilizing CNC machining technology.

Once you put these shift paddles on, you will never want to take them off again. It is a perfect item for track use and the bold design enhances the overall look of your interior. With these paddles, you can shift gears much easier compared to the stock paddles. During turns, you have 30% more rotation so you don't have to remove your right hand to shift with these shift levers. You can also wheel shift with your elbows resting on your legs since your fingers can reach the bottom of the paddles when your hands are placed on the lower (4:00 and 8:00) positions.

The paddles will greatly improve your driving pleasure, especially when cruising, or when taking hard, tight turns. You can find these paddles on your steering wheel no matter where your hands are.

Since production numerous installations have been done without any problems, therefore fitment is guaranteed.

Fit the following vehicles:

  • BMW 1 Series M Coupé with DKG / DCT transmission
  • BMW 3 Series E90 M3 with DKG / DCT transmission
  • BMW 3 Series E92 M3 with DKG / DCT transmission
  • BMW 3 Series E93 M3 with DKG / DCT transmission
  • BMW X Series M E70 X5M with DKG / DCT transmission
  • BMW X Series M E71 X6M with DKG / DCT transmission

Professional installation is highly recommended as it requires the removal of your airbag and stock paddles.