Introducing the AutoTecknic SMD LED Angel Eyes/Halo Kit, designed specifically for BMW E46 coupe and sedan (pre-facelift models). Experience the latest LED technology that illuminates your BMW headlights with unrivaled brightness. Each ring in this kit features 120 upgraded SMD LEDs, delivering a captivating and intensely bright halo lighting effect.

Illuminate the road with confidence and style with the AutoTecknic SMD LED Angel Eyes/Halo Kit. These LEDs provide a much brighter and more aggressive look for your E46 coupe or sedan, giving you the striking appearance you've always desired.

Our kit guarantees to be one of the brightest angel eyes/halo kits available today. Say goodbye to cold start issues and inverter problems often associated with CCFL kits. The SMD LEDs in our kit offer superior brightness, surpassing the performance of CCFL technology. With four rings and a fused relay harness featuring a remote-on feature, installation is a breeze.

The 120 LED Angel Eyes utilize SMD 3014 LEDs, which are smaller and packed closer together. This design results in smaller gaps between the LEDs and significantly brighter output. Compared to the generic angel eyes with only 60 LEDs, our kit boasts an impressive 120 LEDs for maximum brightness. Please note that the 120 LED option is available in white only.

Upgrade your BMW E46 M3 or E46 3-Series coupe or sedan (pre-facelift models) with the AutoTecknic SMD LED Angel Eyes/Halo Kit and enjoy enhanced visibility, distinctive style, and unmatched performance. Experience the brilliance of modern LED technology and make a bold statement on the road.