Made of durable carbon fiber material, our stryker masks will give you an edge by providing you with optimal protection and a stylish look that is sure to be the envy of your opponents. Each carbon fiber face mask on our website features woven technology for long-lasting performance and is hand-finished to create a unique.

The soft padded lining featured in our carbon fiber stryker masks minimizes the risk of injury so you can stay on the field and enjoy your gaming sessions longer without worry. With adjustable straps to rely on, you can count on a perfect fit every time you put your carbon fiber mask on, even as it ages.

The luxurious black finish on our carbon fiber face masks is sure to complement all of your gaming gear, no matter the color or style.  Pair your new mask with army fatigues or a bright blue bodysuit – the choice is yours. You'll appreciate being able to flawlessly blend in with the terrain while you game, too, thanks to the camouflage eye slits built into each carbon-fiber mask that is offered here are AutoTecknic.

Don't you think it's time to upgrade your gaming gear and be the best that you can be on the field? There is no better time than now to grab yourself a new carbon fiber stryker mask.