Introducing the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Canards - the ultimate solution for enhancing the front-end aerodynamics of your car. Crafted with AutoTecknic's signature precision and engineered from lightweight, resilient carbon graphite composites, these canards offer unrivaled performance benefits.

Designed to excel at high speeds, the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Canards generate increased front downforce, ensuring optimal vehicle stability during aggressive cornering. This elevated downforce translates into improved traction, empowering you to achieve faster lap times and conquer the track with confidence.

Embodying the unmistakable allure of carbon fiber, these canards not only optimize performance but also enhance the aesthetics of your A90 Supra, including the Gazoo Racing model. The carbon fiber's distinctive visual appeal adds an assertive touch to your vehicle's exterior, elevating its overall presence and reflecting Gazoo Racing's iconic styling heritage.

Uncompromising in quality, AutoTecknic employs the finest manufacturing techniques to deliver dry carbon fiber - the epitome of excellence in carbon fiber products. By utilizing a meticulous "pre-preg" process, the carbon material is precisely impregnated, then meticulously cured within a sealed vacuum autoclave. This method minimizes waste and yields a lighter carbon fiber variant compared to the conventional "wet" method. The result? Impeccable craftsmanship with fewer imperfections, ensuring a flawless surface with minimal air pockets.

Elevate your driving experience with the AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Fiber Canards, the epitome of aerodynamic prowess and timeless Supra elegance. Unleash the full potential of your Supra while reveling in the artistry of carbon fiber mastery.