Revitalize your vehicle's interior with our meticulously crafted dry carbon seat backs. Often overlooked, these sleek enhancements effortlessly inject a touch of aggression into your cabin, elevating its aesthetic appeal to new heights. Crafted from high-quality materials, our 2-piece lightweight dry carbon seat backs boast a flush, non-bulky fitment that complements the sleek lines of your BMW.

Each seat back is meticulously coated with a high gloss clear coat, ensuring a uniform finish that rivals the quality of your vehicle's factory components. Our precise manufacturing process utilizes a "pre-preg" or impregnated piece of carbon materials, subjected to a sealed vacuum (autoclave) for optimal curing. The result? A superior-grade carbon fiber that offers exceptional strength and durability, setting the standard for automotive excellence.

Unlike traditional methods, our dry carbon fabrication minimizes waste and produces a lighter, more resilient carbon variant. Through meticulous attention to detail and rigorous quality control measures, we guarantee unparalleled craftsmanship that withstands the rigors of normal usage, driving conditions, and weather fluctuations.

Installation is a breeze, with quality 3M tape provided to ensure a secure fitment that lasts for years to come. For optimal results, we recommend cleaning the installation area with an isopropyl wipe to remove any residue before proceeding with installation. In colder weather, use a hair dryer to activate the double-sided tape and ensure maximum adhesion.

Experience the pinnacle of automotive engineering with our premium dry carbon products, designed to enhance your driving experience and elevate your BMW's interior to new heights of luxury and performance.