Introducing AutoTecknic's latest innovation: the Dry Carbon Performante Aero Splitters for the F90 M5. Engineered to contour the vehicle's lines seamlessly, these splitters effortlessly attach to the lower bumper mounting location for quick and hassle-free installation. Crafted with our signature autoclave technology and pre-preg 3K twill weave carbon fiber, these splitters boast unparalleled lightweight construction, exceptional durability, and precise fitment, enhanced by a UV-protected high gloss clear-coat finish.

Dry carbon fiber represents the pinnacle of carbon fiber excellence and is renowned for its superior quality and manufacturing process. Utilizing pre-preg carbon materials and autoclave vacuum curing, our splitters exhibit minimal pinholes and air pockets, resulting in optimal strength and reduced waste. This method ensures a lighter, more resilient carbon fiber product compared to traditional methods.

AutoTecknic's Dry Carbon Performante Aero Splitters not only enhance the vehicle's aesthetics but also deliver functional performance. Elevate your driving experience with these highly visible and purposeful splitters meticulously designed to complement the F90 M5's dynamic profile.

Experience the epitome of automotive innovation with AutoTecknic, where precision meets perfection and style meets substance.