Enhance the elegance of your BMW key with our authentic dry carbon fiber key cover, meticulously crafted by AutoTecknic. Engineered with precision using the renowned 3K twill weave dry carbon fiber, each cover boasts a sleek finish with a high gloss clear coat. Not only lightweight but also exceptionally durable, these key covers are designed to elevate your driving experience.

Featuring an innovative design, our key covers ensure seamless functionality without compromising on style. With its clip-on design, installation is effortless. Simply disassemble the Dry Carbon Fiber Key Cover, place your OEM key within, and effortlessly secure it with the other half of the cover. Plus, rest assured that our design preserves RF signal accessibility, allowing smooth operation of the Comfort Access Option.

Elevate your BMW experience with AutoTecknic's Dry Carbon Fiber Key Cover – where style meets functionality effortlessly.