At AutoTecknic, we aspire to lead the market with our cutting-edge, innovative, and distinctive automotive products, catering to the needs of discerning enthusiasts. Our lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic enhancements are meticulously crafted to elevate the original design of your vehicle, reflecting our core ethos of "functional elegance."

Quality is paramount at AutoTecknic; every component undergoes rigorous quality controls to ensure excellence before reaching your vehicle. Our customers expect nothing but the finest from AutoTecknic, and we deliver on that promise.

Utilizing an autoclave pre-preg carbon fiber structure, our parts offer superior stiffness, aerospace-grade strength, and unmatched durability compared to conventional hand-laid carbon fiber composites. Our dry carbon fiber manufacturing process minimizes waste and produces a lighter, higher-quality carbon variant characterized by its flawless finish.

The AutoTecknic Dry Carbon Center Front Lip for the F90 M5 Pre-LCI seamlessly combines visibility with functionality, enhancing your vehicle's aesthetic appeal and performance.

Please note: For optimal installation, we recommend using Betalink Automotive Body Panel Adhesive. Ensure you have this available for a seamless installation process.

Elevate your driving experience with AutoTecknic, where innovation meets sophistication and performance meets perfection.