Unleash the full potential of your BMW with our high-performance titanium link pipe. Experience a power boost of +17.7 kW at 6650 rpm and a torque increase of +25.4 Nm at 6650 rpm. Shedding 1.8 kg of weight compared to stock, this link pipe is a game-changer.

Crafted from top-grade titanium, you have the choice of a center resonator or straight pipe. Designed specifically for the United States market, this link pipe is shorter, allowing you to keep your stock catalytic converters. When paired with our Slip-On Line (Titanium), it delivers a deep, rich, and sporty sound without any annoying drone.

Embrace the pure, turbocharged inline six-cylinder sound that enthusiasts crave. Please note that remapping is essential for optimal performance. Keep in mind that this product is intended for racetrack use and closed courses only.

Unlock the true potential of your BMW - available exclusively for the US market. Elevate your driving experience today.