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Before each AutoTecknic product is released to the public, they will go through rigorous tests. We test fit them on several OEM bumpers as well as the actual vehicle to ensure our products are free from any manufacturer errors or defects. Sample grilles go through rain and shine evaluations to ensure it will not oxidize in harsh environments. We use sand blast machines to simulate the small rocks that fly around when you are driving at higher speeds to make sure it does not chip. Once our grilles have passed all the analysis and trials then will they be mass produced and released to the public for purchase.

Most people tend to think that aftermarket grilles are the same, but in fact AutoTecknic grilles are made to surpass all generic grilles:

- AutoTecknic uses only industrial grade-A abs granules designed for high temperature/ high pressure injection moulding. We do not use repro-pellets (recycled plastic material) which can cause products to be brittle and will be easily shattered upon impact.

- AutoTecknic uses Engel e-max injection moulding machines; they are high-performance injection units with peak pressures of up to 2800 bar and up to 450 mm/sec. injection speeds. This enables our products to be bubble/ air pocket free, hence making our products denser and stronger than our competitors.

- After CAD (computer-aided design) and mould is complete. AutoTecknic rescans the product samples using a NextEngine 3D scanner. Once it is completed we cross reference the figures with the original scans making sure the fitment is equal to or exceeds the original product.

- AutoTecknic uses the PPG Flexed n Flat paint on all matte series products to ensure superior color and aesthetic quality finish. PPG is also the official paint used and approved by Automobili Lamborghini.

- AutoTecknic manufacturing plant is ISO-9001 certified therefore we warrant that all products are free from manufacturer defects in material and workmanship. We will replace any defective products that are found to have been under normal use and service for one year after purchase date.
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