Experience the perfect balance between street performance and track dominance with Swift Spec-R lowering springs. Engineered to unlock the true potential of your vehicle's shocks, these springs provide unparalleled handling and precision on both the street and the track. Immerse yourself in the world of high-performance driving with springs that have been meticulously track tested and fine-tuned.

While Swift Spec-R springs boast a track-focused design, they don't compromise on daily drivability. Whether you're hitting the racetrack or navigating city streets, these springs deliver the ultimate performance experience. Perfectly suited for passionate track enthusiasts who crave the thrill of multiple track events each year, such as HPDE and SCCA.

Indulge in the Swift Spec-R experience, where every spring is crafted to meet the highest standards of the automotive industry. Building upon the renowned Swift Sport springs, the Spec-R series offers even stiffer spring rates and a subtly lowered stance for enhanced performance and a head-turning aesthetic.

Elevate your driving experience with Swift Spec-R lowering springs and unleash the true potential of your vehicle's performance. Prepare for a thrilling journey filled with precise handling, improved cornering, and an unmistakable presence on the road. It's time to take your driving dynamics to the next level.


  • Lowers 1.1" Front and 1.1" Rear
  • Spring Rates: 4.1 kg front and 5.7 kg rear
  • Race Springs
  • Designed and tested to work with factory shocks/ dampers
  • Full set of 4 springs
  • Honda FK7 Civic Sport/ Si 2017-Up