The BMW iDrive display has been enlarged with each new model, and operations such as swipe gestures similar to smartphones have been adopted, making it a more hands-on interactive style. However, this large screen and direct operation have some drawbacks, such as difficulty seeing the display due to glare from direct sunlight or street lights, and the display surface becoming dirty as a result of use...

To make the display easier to see and use under these conditions, a film has been developed specifically for BMW, with added functionality! The film surface has a special coating that makes it easy to perform operations like swiping, and dirt such as sebum and oil from food can be easily wiped off! Furthermore, the coating protects the display surface from scratches caused by fingernails and other objects!

The base layer has a double-layered AR (anti-reflection) and AG (anti-glare) treatment, so even when exposed to direct sunlight or street lights, the display content can be seen clearly without any washed-out appearance! The AG treatment enhances both usability and stain resistance, and greatly affects the visibility of the display screen, so only minimal treatment is applied, considering its use in a vehicle. As a result, the transparency is extremely high, at over 95%, allowing for clear and vivid displays without inhibiting high-definition imaging!

This product uses a special protective sheet called "Kiresepa" that makes it easy to position and apply! Even those not used to applying film can easily position it, making it a less error-prone film! In addition, the special adhesive allows for multiple reapplications, so you can adjust the position until you are satisfied!

The "MULTIFUNCTION SCREEN PROTECTOR" is a purely Japanese-domestic product, from planning, material development, design, manufacturing, and packaging, all under high-quality domestic control!

Product Details:

  • Designed exclusively for BMW
  • Using Japanese domestic materials, manufacturing and quality control at domestic factories
  • Prevents scratches and stains on the main body vivid display
  • Improved operability with smooth finger sliding
  • Smudge-resistant and easy to remove even if it gets dirty
  • Reduced reflections to the limit
  • Easy-to-read screen even at night
  • Seamless 1-piece construction
  • Fitment for Left-Hand Drive (LHD) vehicles only


  • Single-piece screen protector
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Dust removal sticker
  • Screen spreader spatula


  • G20/21 3-Series Pre-LCI - LHD
  • G22/23/26 4-Series Pre-LCI - LHD
  • G42 2-Series - LHD
  • G80/81 M3 Pre-LCI - LHD
  • G82/83 M4 Pre-LCI - LHD