We are introducing the Storm Motorwerks Extended SMG Shift Paddles featuring self-powered illumination.

Storm Motorwerks is proud to present the most luxurious E46 SMG Paddles ever. CNC machined and laser cut from stainless steel billet, these E46 shift paddles have been designed and developed with feedback and input from fellow enthusiasts. Each set is hand assembled and finished to ensure no detail is missed.

CNC precision machined from solid stainless steel, their SMG paddles exhibit several features. Storm Motorwerks have incorporated self-powered illumination into their paddles. No need for an external power source, so no wiring is required. Since the illumination is not with LEDs - the light is a subtle glow rather than a sharp distracting light allowing you to maintain focus on the road. The light itself is amber in color to match the E46 M3 dash.

Since the vials are glass and have a thickness, the + sign is achieved using one vial behind the other. When used on the steering wheel, the paddles are facing the driver head-on, and both vials are perfectly visible. More importantly, the illumination is clear and uniform at night, forming the + symbol beautifully.

The rear of the paddles features a machined plastic handle. They have machined a constant chamfer all the way around, which mates with the chamfer on the paddles providing a comfortable surface for shifting with your fingertips.

Naturally, these had to be larger than the standard items - however, the feedback received from M3 owners was that they shouldn't be so large as to look out of place. So the design strikes the right balance between size and aesthetics.

The paddles will be available in brushed stainless steel, or PVD Titanium coated for a dark gun metal grey finish. PVD coating is a costly process, and to keep this bespoke finish affordable, only front faces will be coated. Rest assured - no other SMG paddles even come close in terms of function, form, or workmanship.