Designed and machined in the UK, Storm Motorwerks is proud to present its precision-machined BMW stainless steel handbrake and release button.

The quality of this product's machining and overall design sets it apart from any other aftermarket handbrake handle on the global market. The gentle curve from the base to the top feels ergonomically correct, and the internal design of the handle ensures a snug fit against the handbrake shaft. They have put a lot of focus on the fitment of the handle, which is where a lot of aftermarket handles fail – they secure at the base leaving the front free to move and vibrate against the shaft. The Storm Motorwerks handbrake handles incorporate two internally set Viton O-rings which allow for a perfect fit eliminating any vibration while in use.

Whereas most other aftermarket handles keep the standard plastic release button, Storm Motorwerks have taken that extra step and developed an oversized stainless steel button for a finished look. The button complements the handle and feels substantially more satisfying to use than its standard small plastic counterpart.

Product Details:

  • Available in brushed stainless or PVD (Titanium Plated) for a bespoke dark gun metal grey
  • Includes hand brake handle and button
  • Weight: 11.4oz