Aero enhancements are among the most visually impactful modifications you can add to your car. Indeed, adding a carbon fiber front lip is especially popular; it instantly transforms the front of the vehicle and helps distinguish it from the crowd.

However, that added aggressive aesthetic comes at a price—it becomes crucial to tread more carefully across uneven streets or down steep driveways in fear of tarnishing that expensive carbon upgrade. Rather than dwell on the negative, PROTEC Japan has fashioned a solution to protect your precious lip (or bumper) from scrapes and more severe damage so you can enjoy your upgrade as intended.

The PROTEC kit comprises six 42-centimeter strips that affix to the underside of your lip via pre-installed 3M double-sided tape. Four of the six pieces feature a "smooth" end, designed to fit flush with the leading edge of your front lip. The remaining two pieces have more contour flex sections to adequately wrap around the curved proportions of your lip with ease. Compared to other kits on the market, PROTEC's design will only require trimming to remove excess material at the lip's ends.

  • Each Strip is 42 centimeters in length
  • Includes six strips per box
  • Pre-installed 3M tape