Issues relating to the standard three-piece crank hub on the S55 & N55 engine are (unfortunately) widely known. Still, these are fully addressed with the installation of the MMR Performance one-piece billet Crank Hub together with our Capture Plate for ultimate security.

The OE crank hub unit's friction plate is known to slip, causing the timing to alter enough that piston-to-valve contact can occur and, if not standard and within the warranty period, leaves owners with a costly repair bill!

We have developed this one-piece Crank Hub together with our Capture Plate to ensure owners have complete peace of mind, whether on an untuned factory car or equally for those that wish to increase the power and torque output significantly without ever having to worry again; MMR has engineered the most comprehensive solution on the market and at one of the most compelling price points.

The MMR Performance one-piece crank hub is machined from billet EN36 that's been heat-treated with a 0.75mm case hardening, making it incredibly strong and durable. The one-piece design ensures the friction plates can no longer slip. With a new crank, the bolt tightened appropriately; this alone delivers the transformational improvement in reliability versus the OE version.

Then for the ultimate solution, which then also removes the possibility for this crank bolt to able to loosen with the engine's vibrations or harmonics, we've engineered an additional billet aluminum Capture Plate that securely bolts over the whole head of the crank bolt, making it literally impossible for it to come undone.

NOTE: Includes Capture Plate