BMW equip their cars with a plastic oil filter housing which is fragile and is often cracked when removing and replacing, which in turn can result in oil leaks. This beautiful Billet Filter Housing will ensure that you'll never again have the problem of these 'weeping' oil leaks from the standard part.

Each Filter Housing starts life as a solid billet of 6061 aerospace-grade aluminium. It's meticulously machined from this billet with the latest CNC 5-axis technology, before being polished, then gloss-anodised in Midnight Black to stay beautiful year after year. The finished product is not only light but also extremely durable.

And it's not just about the looks. An integrated pressure control oil bypass is built into the MMR housing, meaning that there is no need to transfer OE plastic bypass valve from OE filter housing to MMR filter housing - many people have broken these valves moving them from OE to other aftermarket housings!

Fitting is straightforward and best done in conjunction with an Oil and Filter change. Just remove the factory housing, fit this replacement unit which comes with a factory spec O-Ring included, and fit back in place.

Works with the factory oil filter or ideally the new MMR Performance Oil Filter (MMR17-1502) to protect against the notorious B58 oil filter collapse.

NOTE: Excessive heat for prolonged periods of time can affect the overall finish which is unavoidable with anodized aluminium products. The function is not affected.