The stock x-pipe on BMW E9X M3, with its primary and secondary pairs of catalytic converters, is the most restrictive component of the exhaust system. The Macht Schnell Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe is a complete replacement and features a catless, high-flow resonated design for maximum power gains and optimal sound. Replacement gaskets and hardware are included for 100% reversible bolt-on installation that accepts most axle-back exhausts.

Aftermarket software is required to prevent the Check Engine light from illuminating.

Stainless Steel Race X-Pipe Features:
- 100% stainless steel construction
- Catless for maximum power gains
- Twin resonators for noise and drone reduction
- Laser-cut mounting brackets
- Full bolt-on installation

WARNING: Please note that certain aftermarket exhaust systems may not comply with applicable US (including California) laws and regulations and may therefore be prohibited for use on highways, roads, or vehicles otherwise subject to emissions control requirements. California prohibits the use of any aftermarket exhaust system that modifies, removes, or replaces original equipment catalysts unless CARB has issued an Executive Order as to such part or system.

Macht Schnell parts or exhaust systems/components used or intended for use on “racing vehicles” (i.e., a competition vehicle used exclusively for competition on closed-course circuits) do not require an exemption or Executive Order from CARB to be sold in California. However, such parts are prohibited from being used on California public highways or roads, even if occasionally used “off-road.”

Models Supported:

  • 2008-2013 E9X M3