Macht Schnell Sport Competition (Sport Comp) Springs are designed for the performance-oriented driver and when the desire for uncompromised handling is a top priority. Macht Schnell Sport Comp Springs provide a slightly stiffer feel and lower center gravity for handling and control while remaining civil for everyday driving on the street.

Crafted from ASTM A401-90 High Tensile Cold Steel, Macht Schnell Sport Comp Springs are cold wound on CNC equipment, pre-set, shot-peened, and powder-coated, meeting the highest standards of perfection and quality.

- Lowers 1.10F"-0.75R" on average
- Designed for responsive, tight handling and performance
- Aggressive ride height with a moderate stance
- Superb ride quality and performance
- ASTM A401-90 High Tensile Cold Steel construction for added strength and lighter weight

Models Supported
2016+ F87 M2