The Macht Schnell Motorsport Tow Strap eliminates the need for the factory tow hook or aluminum versions which can cause damage in a collision. Plus, they add a touch of motorsport flair to your BMW.

- 1.75" Harness width
- 6000lb Harness Tensile Strength, heavy-duty cross-stitching
- CNC stainless steel tow eyelet
- 2 TOW arrow decals are included in the standard and reverse orientation
- A safer alternative to fixed factory tow hook or aftermarket aluminum versions
- Can easily be tucked away behind a tow hook cover or slit protrusion
- Direct replacement for the factory tow hook
- Sold individually, two required per vehicle
- Easy installation & removal

Note: Macht Schnell Motorsport Tow Straps should be used in emergency situations only and not as an alternative solution for adequately securing a vehicle to a transporter or chassis dynamometer.

Models Supported:

  • 2008-Up E82/ E88 1-Series
  • 2011 E82 1M
  • 2014 -Up F22/ F23 2-Series
  • 2016 -Up F87 M2
  • 2006-2013 E9X 3-Series
  • 2012 -Up F30/ F31 3-Series
  • 2008-2013 E9X M3
  • 2015 -Up F8X M3 & M4
  • 2014 -Up F32/ F33/ F36 4-Series
  • 2011 -Up F10/ F11/ F07 5-Series
  • 2011 -Up F12/ F13/ F06 6-Series
  • 2009 -Up F01/ F02 7-Series
  • 2011 -Up F25 X3
  • 2009 -Up E89 Z4
  • 2015 -Up I12 i8