The stock plastic intake elbow on your BMW E46 M3 is an excellent functional piece but leaves power on the table. The stock piece's sharp corner and accordion sections create flow turbulence right before the critical entry into the engine’s air plenum. The shape of the stock part is less than optimal. The Macht Schnell S54 Intake Charge Pipe (ICP) is designed using the same features as the intake sections on the World Challenge class racecars.

This high-quality silicone replacement hose adds real power and a throttle response that you can feel. With a reshaped profile that creates a secondary air reservoir, the more filtered air volume is available, creating more plenum volume. This intake pipe combined with a performance panel filter such as the Macht Schnell High-Performance Filter or other performance intake systems that do not replace the factory plastic elbow will create a super-efficient intake system. High-quality 5-layer silicone construction will withstand anything you can throw at it for years to come.

Models Supported:
2001-2006 E46 M3