Looking for a brake pad that can keep up with your driving style? Look no further than iSweep! We understand that finding the right frictional material is key to achieving the ideal brake characteristics for your vehicle. That's why we've developed six varying frictional levels and characteristics to suit a wide array of user needs.

With iSweep brake pads, you don't have to compromise on performance. Our pads offer a balance of braking properties that is crucial for both novice and experienced drivers. Whether you're looking for increased linear braking characteristics or high fade resistance, our pads have got you covered.

And the best part? Our brake pads have undergone rigorous testing, including long-term street testing and countless data logging from circuit use. So you can rest assured that you're getting the most ideal iSweep brake pad for your vehicle.

Plus, all iSweep products are developed and manufactured in Japan, so you know you're getting the highest quality materials and craftsmanship. Upgrade your brakes with iSweep and experience the ultimate in braking performance.


for STREET USER - Low Dust, Same Bite

A brake pad that produces less dust compared to factory OEM.

  • Users who are unsatisfied with OEM brake dust.
  • Far less brake dust compared to stock factory OEM brake pads.
  • Far less brake squeal compared to stock factory pads.
  • Roughly 10-20% more effective under typical city driving conditions.
  • The enhanced initial bite and braking control compared to factory OEM pads.
  • Tested in extreme winter conditions with effective, stable results.


for STREET / SPORTS USER - Less Dust, More Bite

Raises the level of performance compared to factory OEM.

  • Far more effective performance compared to stock OEM brake pads.
  • Versatile brake pad for aggressive streets and winding roads.
  • Quick reaction to brake pedal input and excellent control of applied force.
  • Controlled linear characteristics and stable operation with no sudden or abrupt bite.