Are you experiencing a hard-to-diagnose slight rattle coming from the trunk of your BMW? Chances are your license plate bracket is broken in some fashion, and your poor license plate is flapping back and forth. As with many manufacturers, BMW seems to have settled on random parts bin hardware to secure the rear license plate. Over time, the plastic mount cracks, and the screws always seem to strip or cross-thread.

We have created a complete rear license plate mounting solution to keep your rear plate secure, protected from the elements, and looking good. The aluminum mounting bracket includes cushioned standoffs to help keep the mount from moving, and the license plate security screw caps present the cleanest hardware solution that will also prevent the less scrupulous among us from stealing your license plate or custom frame. Finally, the clear UV and impact-resistant shield protects your license plate from the elements, keeping it looking new for years to come, while a custom-painted IND plate frame finishes off the kit.

Kit Includes:

  • Aluminum License Plate Mount
  • UV and Impact Resistant License Plate Shield
  • All mounting hardware:
    • 2 license plate mounting bracket screws
    • 4 license plate bolts
    • Hidden screw hardware
    • Security screw caps with key
  • IND Painted License Plate Frame