When the G87 M2 debuted, the exterior design was certainly polarizing with as many detractors as supporters. Thankfully after the car launched and customers started receiving their deliveries, it seemed to get much more positive reviews; however, there are a couple of sticking points that do appear to be a bit of a miss on BMW's part.

In stock form, the front bumper leaves a little to be desired as its facia looks somewhat incomplete. The gloss black center section flanked on either side by the body-colored air intakes has a strange gladiator helmet vibe. Thankfully IND is here to offer a few painted options to complete the front facia.

Version 1: creates a deeper body-colored front lip section, while leaving a distinguished separation from the gloss black uprights.

Version 2: includes a fully painted lower center bumper trim area. Ideal for users running a front lip that want some color to break up all the black. This version also better matches models that do not have the Carbon Front Air Inlets.