As cars continue to evolve, so too do our expectations for fit and finish, technology, and luxury amenities. The G01 X3 / F97 X3M is undoubtedly another big step forward in all three of these aims; the Competition trim at the top of the X3 lineup adds a generous helping of gloss black cosmetic factory enhancements, which provides a distinguished and sporty air to BMW’s latest M SAVs.

Despite all of BMW’s efforts, there remains one item overlooked and as such, it sticks out like an eyesore amidst all of the gloss accents throughout: the rear wiper arm. IND aims to remedy this oversight by offering the enthusiast community a handsomely painted variant—gloss black was chosen to accurately complement the rest of the vehicle. The overall effect is substantial and befits the upscale aesthetic that the G01 X3 / F97 X3M exudes.

Product Details:
  • Fits G01 X3 / F97 X3M
  • OEM base for perfect fitment
  • Set includes both the wiper arm and cap
  • Painted gloss black by renowned IND paint staff (30+ years experience)