IND's Painted Reflectors have been a staple among BMW enthusiasts dating back to the E46 and E9X M3, and we're excited to finally bring our famous "reflector deletes" to the F5X Mini Cooper community! Our Mini Cooper reflector inserts are the perfect solution to remove the unsightly orange reflectors that still make their way onto our cars, thanks to the U.S. DOT. These front reflector deletes will blend seamlessly with your Mini's fender arches, giving it a sleek and cohesive look, something our lucky European counterparts get from the factory.

The Mini Cooper presented multiple unique challenges. The biggest issue came when addressing how each fender arch is prepared for a factory reflector. The fender arches are not produced with uniform openings for the reflectors; rather the cutouts are stamped by a press, yielding variances in the size and shape from one set of fenders to the next. To combat the variance, each set of inserts comes with adhesive shim strips to aid in securing the reflector delete edges. Next, the Mini Cooper arches are made of ABS plastic, finished with a unique color and texture. We went through several iterations to achieve a perfect match.

Upgrade the appearance of your vehicle with the IND F5X Mini Cooper Front Reflector Deletes and make a statement on the road.

Product Details:

  • Sold as a pair
  • OE-style finish and texture to match fender arches
  • In addition to pre-applied adhesive tape, the set includes adhesive tape shims to aid in the fitment
  • Fits:
    • F56 Mini 3-Door (04/2013 — 12/2019)
    • F55 Mini 5-Door (10/2013 — 12/2019)
    • F57 Mini Convertible (11/2014 — 12/2019)