As a car purportedly made for the aftermarket/ enthusiasts community, Toyota opted to leave the OEM mirror caps as a blank canvas. Aside from the Launch Edition cars that came with handsome red versions, the rest of us, beyond that 1500 car threshold was left with rather unbecoming matte black examples.

As victims of this ourselves, we at IND are now proud to offer body-colored mirror caps as direct replacements for those plain OE versions. Each set is made to order, meticulously hand-sanded, primed, painted, and cleared to a perfect match by our experienced paint staff.

To guarantee nothing less than perfect fitment, we strictly use OEM cores as a base.

Product Details:

  • It fits all A90 Supra models
  • OEM base for a flawless factory fit
  • Paint quality guarantee

Items are painted per order; please allow additional time for paintwork