The E9X M3 / E82 1M has unquestionably become modern-day icons for their formidable street and track dominance. Both of these cars are equipped with M12x1.5 hardware from the factory, leaving them precariously prone to failure during rigorous track sessions and consequently, a potentially dangerous and damaging fate.

Fortunately, Future Classic has spawned a comprehensive motorsport-worthy hub retrofit kit using a blend of OEM BMW components from the F8X M3 / M4 and parts of our own creation. These new hubs will not only convert your E9X M3 / E82 1M to robust M14x1.25 hardware, but they will also shave valuable rotational mass from each corner.

  • OE M12x1.5 Front Hub Assembly: 3293g
  • FC M14x1.25 Front Hub Assembly: 2957g (-0.74lbs per corner)
  • OE M12x1.5 Rear Hub Spindle: 1686g
  • FC M14x1.25 Rear Hub Spindle: 1441g (-0.54lbs per corner)

Each hub kit comes pre-assembled, moly-coated, and includes everything you'll need for a truly plug and play retrofit*, including all new hardware. This kit may also be optioned with our highly coveted 75mm or 90mm race studs, making it a truly complete solution for track enthusiasts looking for a competitive edge.

As a made-to-order item, please allow 2-3 business days for assembly and finishing prior to shipping.

*OEM rotor hats and select aftermarket solutions require drilling out rotor hats to accommodate M14 hardware. Please also verify your desired wheelset can accept M14.

What is moly coating? Molybdenum Disulfide Coatings (MoS2 coatings), also known as Moly Coatings, are a dry film lubricant that is commonly used in applications where load carrying capacity, operating pressure, and coefficient of friction are primary concerns. This coating provides effective lubrication in a wide range of loads, in many cases exceeding 250,000 psi. Moly coatings lubricate sacrificially by transferring lubricant between the two mating surfaces, which helps to reduce wear and coefficient of friction.