Experience the ultimate performance upgrade for your F60 MINI with the exceptional Eventuri intake system. Designed with BMW precision and our renowned "Complete System" principle, this sealed intake ensures that your turbocharger receives only cool, dense air, free from the heat of the engine bay.

Unlike the stock version, our intake system features a larger internal volume and strategically draws air from the stock location above the radiator. By creating a sealed system, we achieve significantly lower intake temperatures compared to the stock airbox, effectively eliminating heat soak issues that often plague higher powered MINIs.

At Eventuri, we are committed to optimizing airflow for maximum power gains. That's why we incorporate our Patented filter housing and precision-engineered CNC machined MAF tube, guaranteeing the smoothest flow possible to the turbocharger. With every breath, your MINI will experience enhanced performance and responsiveness.

Upgrade your F60 MINI with the Eventuri intake system and unleash the true potential of your vehicle. Please note that this system does not include a hood scoop, as we prioritize performance and sleek design in perfect harmony.

Elevate your driving experience with Eventuri and feel the power of precision-engineered performance.

*NOTE: Intake System does NOT have the hood scoop design as the F56 version pictured. This is a sealed system.

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