The F56 platform has provided Eventuri with a potent foundation to build upon—the 2.0L B48 motor. As a carryover from the BMW product line, Eventuri is able to use their vast design and engineering experiment to its full potential. Their F56 system is yet another example of a "Complete System" philosophy. As a fully sealed system, the B48's turbo (with help from a carbon bonnet scoop) is supplied with a consistent flow of ambient air through larger internal volumetric channels rather than drawing its supply from a hot engine bay.

Combining a sealed system with an air scoop results in lower intake temperatures than the stock airbox and avoids heat soak, which is a common issue, especially on higher powered MINIs. Eventuri's Patented filter housing is coupled with a CNC machined MAF tube to ensure the smoothest flow possible to the turbo.

Performance Increase Cooper S: 8-15hp, 15-25ft-lb
Performance Increase Cooper JCW: 15-27hp, 20-26ft-lb*
V-Box Acceleration Cooper S: 60-130mph Reduced By 0.6 Seconds

** This item is not eligible for return **