The 8Y S3 intake is a complete redesign of the stock intake all the way to the turbo inlet. Taking cues from our RS3 intake, we have maximized usage of the available space to create an intake that can cater to all power levels, from stock to high-power builds with hybrid or full-frame turbos. This intake system has been developed to offer the highest possible flow rate while maintaining the lowest intake temperatures.

Each component has been designed to provide the turbo with a smooth, free-flowing path. The restrictive stock 73mm diameter inlet tube is replaced with a larger 94mm diameter intake tube. The filter has an outer diameter of 192mm or 7.5″ with a filtration surface area of over 110,000mm^2. The patented Venturi housing has been designed to provide the maximum internal volume possible for the Golf engine bay space available and provides laminar flow to the turbo tube. Finally, the duct seals the filter opening to the front slam panel but is not restricted by just the stock entry feed. We have lifted the front of the duct to provide an extra opening behind the hood, equivalent to an extra 7″ diameter hole for the intake to draw from. The resulting system can significantly outflow the stock airbox while keeping intake temperatures at a minimum with the sealed design.

Each kit consists of the following: 

  • Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housing with 94mm Outlet
  • Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filter
  • Carbon Fiber Inlet Duct - Full Width
  • Silicon tube with 94mm inlet diameter
  • Machined breather adapter
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets

** This item is not eligible for return **


  • Audi 8Y S3 2020+
  • Audi 8S TTS 2022+